DC Warewashing and Icemaking Systems have a 35 year history in the design, manufacture and distribution of catering equipment. With this time has come a respected reputation for simplicity, service and reliability. Our glass, dishwashing and ice making machines incorporate the latest technology and are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of all catering outlets. Every aspect of the commercial warewashing and ice making market is catered for; from undercounter glass and dishwashers to flight conveyors, from potwashers and utensil washers to water softeners and ice dispensers.

DC and Climate Change!

What we’re doing –

We are delighted to announce that from March 1st 2020 we’ll be planting up to 10 trees for each DC warewasher or icemaker sold depending on the size of the machine.

Why we’re doing it

As part of our sustainability and corporate social responsibility campaign this new initiative will plant 1000’s of trees to capture CO2 from the air and help reduce the effects of deforestation across the world.

Be a part of it

We’d love you to be a part of the DC Tree Planting Initiative and it couldn’t be easier. By simply purchasing a DC warewasher or icemaker you and your customers will immediately be contributing to CO2 capture and helping to reduce the damaging effects caused by deforestation across the world.

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