Don’t let flying insects ruin your business.

It’s not just us who love the warmer weather. Cold weather inhibits a fly’s ability to reproduce, but the spring and summer months act as a multiplier for flying insect populations. Keep your commercial environment free of flies by making sure that your business is hygienic and clean. Flies, thrive in bacteria ridden areas, they contaminate work surfaces, transmit disease such as Salmonella & E. Coli and are an extreme nuisance to your customers and staff.

Common sense steps you can take to discourage pests are cleaning up food and drink spills quickly, getting rid of food that is no longer fresh, taking out the rubbish regularly and keeping drains sanitised.

Although impossible to prevent flies coming into the kitchen or office and breeding, combining a stringent cleaning regime with an electric fly killer could be the answer.

Most flies are attracted to artificial lights because it confuses their natural navigation system, Light helps flies find food, mates, and their preferred resting places. Furthermore, the warmth that is generated from the light can make flies more comfortable and act as a signal for them to come closer. The Mechline Electric Grid CaterZap fly killers use energy saving, long-life bulbs that are eco-friendly and super-efficient – using 30% less energy than typical UV bulbs. These can be positioned on their base or fixed to a wall, and will kill flying insects instantly.  Two size options are available providing wide areas of cover.


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