Panini Grills or contact grills  are a great addition to any commercial kitchen

Healthy Grilled Basil Mozzarella Caprese Panini Sandwich

You can’t beat melted cheese with roasted vegetables panini or ham and beef tomato toasted sandwich!  Paninis and toasted sandwiches give you so many different snacks and lite bites to add to your menu.  A toasted sandwich can cater for anyone and be just the ticket as they just can’t be beaten on taste!  Be it big and meaty or packed full of chargrilled vegetables for vegetarians & vegans or the healthy conscious. The panini grill or contact grill is ideal for cooking a range of  breads and rolls but equally other foods, such a vegetables, steaks or bacon. Contact grills heat and cook food quickly, efficiently and healthily. Every busy bistro, café or mobile kitchen, should invest in one and we have lots for you to choose from to ensure your commercial catering requirements are met.


There are many option, single, double or even triple grill with choices of ribbed or flat plates or a mixture of both.

Budget beating

iMettos PG-SA Contact Grill Single/Ribbed  

BLIZZARD BRRCG2 Double Contact Grill with Ribbed Top & Bottom Plates


Brand favourites

Sammic Electric Contact/Panini Smooth Grill with Cover GLL-10

Lincat LRG2 Twin Contact/Panini Grill