Complete Commercial Kitchen at The Oaksmere, Suffolk

Having carried out a complete refit on the first kitchen at The Oaksmere in 2014, we were delighted to be involved in the complete refurbishment of The Oaksmere, a luxury boutique hotel set in the beautiful Suffolk Countryside.  We helped with the design and project managed the refurbishment of the kitchen using both new and reconditioned enabling our client to meet their high expectations and budget.

‘Here at The Oaksmere, using local producers and quality ingredients is at the heart of what we do. We are lucky enough to be situated right in the heart of the best farming communities in the United Kingdom. Our kitchen has fully embraced the best of East Anglia’s seasonal food and drink, and by using their creativity we are delighted to be able to showcase it to our guests.’

We worked with the chefs and other staff at The Oaksmere to plan an ergonomic and open view kitchen which allows the diners to experience the hustle and bustle of the kitchen.

The Oaksmere – View into kitchen

Anglia Catering Equipment installed an Excel Dry Aged Beef Refrigeration meat display cabinet within the wall for displaying locally sourced meat including dry-aged Angus Longhorn cross beef, from which customers are able to select their preferred cut of meat.

Excel Dry Aged Beef Display Cabinet

Our new dry ageing cabinet allows us to perfectly mature our beef to provide the best steaks you’ve ever tasted.

We also installed a charcoal oven with bespoke extraction canopy for cooking fish and meat including the steaks from which the customer can select themselves from the dry aged beef cabinet.

Charcoal Grill for cooking the dry aged steaks


Other equipment we added were two Blue Seal EPE506 Electric 900mm Griddles with Static Oven and the Lincat Electric Salamander OE8308 – an electric cook and hold salamander which ensures food is kept warm but does not continue to cook, featuring three independently controlled heating zones for maximum flexibility.

Lincat Electric Salamander OE8308



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