Sinks are vital to the commercial kitchen, either for food prep, dishwashing, or hand washing. Here are a few types of sinks to consider:

Compartment Sinks : Convenient for commercial kitchens because they offer plenty of room, and are easy to clean. Usually made from hygienic stainless steel with one, two or three compartments (bowls), and with or without drainers. Each sink has a drain in the bottom so is easy to keep clean. Clogs can easily be prevented with the use of a Sink Food Waste Strainer (Mechline FWS-US250). Compartment Sinks are mostly used for washing dishes so should have a hot & cold-water supply. They must be able to withstand the heavy use of a commercial kitchen, and be easy to clean to prevent possible contamination like bacteria and other diseases that can come with food prep. To maximise the use of limited space, sinks can also be configured as part of a modular kitchen storage system providing useful additional storage space (Moffat MSUL).

Hand Wash  Sink/Basins: By law it is required that there is a sink for employees to wash their hands. The hand-washing sink cannot be used for any other purpose. Handwashing sinks or basins are designed for washing your hands, while food prep sinks are not. This makes it easier to keep the kitchen clean because there’s less chance of cross-contamination with other surfaces particularly after handling potentially hazardous foods such as raw meat. Handwash basins are usually installed lower than prep sinks to cater to every employee, however, they should still be at a comfortable height for whomever is washing their hands. (NOWAH HB430)

Mop Sinks: Sinks should only be used for their correct purpose. For example, compartment sinks shouldn’t be used as mop sinks. Sometimes called a Janitorial sink, these sinks are specially designed for emptying mop buckets & cleaning of mops. Best installed away from the raw food prep areas, they can be mounted on legs or fixed onto the floor. Usually, they come with a large deep bowl, mounted at low level for easy filling and emptying of buckets. A typical design has an overflow drain, side splashes, and some have a dropped front which makes it easier to empty the bucket and reach in and clean. The basin also needs to be deep enough for water, detergent, and dirty water not to overflow after mopping. (Moffat CSU1)

Bar sinks: Usually very similarly designed to compartment sinks. Designed to be placed under bars, these sinks are used for washing dishes, washing hands, and emptying drinks. They’re usually made of stainless steel and have a drain system that directs the water away. They are also usually installed at a low height, so employees can easily wash out glasses and clean their hands. This also means they are hidden from customers and are usually placed under the countertop.

Portable Sinks: In a mobile catering environment, where there are no permanent fittings, the use of a portable sink is essential. There are two types: a handwashing cart that is wheeled around, usually of stainless-steel construction with a pump for the water supply (IMC F63/501). The second, and more common, is mounted on legs and may be knee operated for the ultimate hygienic handwashing. It operates by pushing a button with your knee which gives you completely hands-free handwashing as there’s no need to turn on a tap or push a button. The sink only operates when the knee button is pressed, which both saves water and is extremely convenient for the user. (Parry CWBKNEES)

Ware-washing Sinks: Perfect for pre-washing dirty plates or glasses before loading into a pass through or rack dishwasher are Pre-wash tables with sink/s. Models are available in either left- or right-hand configurations to suit your kitchen layout and choice of warewashing machine and can come equipped with accessories such as water filler tap or shower. (Sammic Pre-wash tabling)

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