Grill-iant Salamanders! In the bustling professional kitchen, the salamander grill holds a unique and valuable position. Unlike traditional grills, these dedicated appliances unleash intense infrared or radiant heat, ensuring even roasting at significantly higher temperatures.

What is a Salamander grill used for?

Effortlessly browning the tops of casseroles and gratins.

Caramelising sugar to perfection on desserts, creating that alluring golden shimmer.

Melting cheese with precision, whether on savoury dishes or indulgent pizzas.

Toasting sandwiches and bread to a delectable, crispy finish.

Adding a final char to steaks and other meats, intensifying their flavour profile.

Which model to Choose?

Both fixed position and rise and fall salamander grills deliver intense heat for grilling and finishing touches, but they differ in how you control the distance between the heat source and your food, which impacts cooking.

Fixed Position: The heating element (radiant or infrared) is fixed overhead. This is a simple and reliable design, is easy to learn and use, and is often more affordable.

Rise and Fall: This model is controlled by lowering or raising the heat source using a lever or crank. This gives precise heat control making it easier to handle thicker cuts of meats and is more versatile for different cooking tasks.

Other factors to consider:

Gas or electric options cater to different preferences and operational setups:

Electric Salamanders are perfect for places with no gas line or low-moderate use like cafes, kiosks, or delis, and are best for lower volume kitchens.

Gas Salamanders are the champions of high-volume bars, grills, cafes, and steakhouses who love their high output. Knobs offer precise flame control and quicker heat-up times. These are best for heavy-duty grilling, precise control, and rapid heating. E.g. Falcon E3532 with powerful burners and cast iron grates for superior sear.

Infrared or Radiant?

Infrared elements give direct, intense heat that heats up faster, for quick finishing, ideal for high-volume kitchens. This is ideal for quickly searing meats, caramelising sugars, and creating a crispy char. Infrared heat penetrates deeper into the food, which can be good for cooking thicker cuts of meat or browning the top and bottom of casseroles simultaneously. E.g. Blue Seal G91B: A powerful electric contender, with two independently controlled infrared burners for maximum versatility.

Radiant elements heat the air above the food, which then transfers heat to the food by convection. This results in slower, more gentle heating. This convection process creates a more consistent heat distribution within the chamber, ensuring even cooking throughout the dish. E.g. Lincat Pheas01 shines here, packing a punch with its compact design, radiant heat distribution, and easy-to-clean drip pan.

Countertop, Range or Wall models?

Countertop Salamanders are compact & convenient, they save precious floor space, ideal for dedicated grilling needs in smaller kitchens.

Range mounted free up floor and counter space while keeping your grilling close to the action.

Wall-Mounted Salamanders allow you to finish dishes seamlessly without disrupting kitchen flow and are perfect for space-challenged kitchens.

Ultimately, the best salamander for you depends on your kitchen’s needs, space constraints, and preferred fuel source.  Explore our selection of salamander grills online or contact our knowledgeable team for advice.



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