It’s Real Bread Week 2024 – From February 17th to 25th, flour gets flying and ovens get hot across the UK as we celebrate Real Bread Week. It’s more than just an homage to delicious loaves; it’s a movement championing quality, authenticity, and the art of baking without additives.

A Loaf with a Legacy:

Born in 2009, Real Bread Week was the brainchild of the Real Bread Campaign, a passionate bunch dedicated to promoting genuine bread made with just flour, water, salt, yeast, and maybe a touch of good fats. They saw a rise (pun intended!) in mass-produced loaves packed with artificial ingredients and wanted to champion traditional methods and local bakers.

What Makes Real Bread Real?

It’s simple: no additives or processing! Real bread relies on time-honoured techniques like sourdough starters, long fermentations, and skilled shaping. This results in loaves bursting with flavour, better texture, and even greater nutritional value. Plus, it supports local economies and keeps the craft of baking alive!

Slice Yourself a Piece of the Action!

As restaurants, cafes, and hotels, you play a crucial role in nurturing food appreciation. This Real Bread Week, why not knead some excitement into your offerings by showing off your culinary skills by featuring a daily special of artisan bread, baked fresh in-house. Experiment with sourdough, flatbreads, or rye loaves to tantalise taste buds.

By embracing Real Bread Week, you’re not just serving delicious food; you’re making a statement about quality, sustainability, and supporting the artisans who bake with love. So, dust off your aprons, get involved, and let’s celebrate the simple pleasure of real bread together!

Let’s rise to the occasion and show the world how much we love real bread!

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