Keeping Your Ingredients Fresh – A Guide to Commercial Saladette and Pizza Prep Counters

For any restaurant or foodservice business, maintaining fresh, chilled ingredients is paramount. This is where commercial refrigerated counters, specifically saladettes and pizza prep counters, become essential equipment. These specialised counters offer a dedicated workspace designed to optimise food prep efficiency and hygiene.

What’s the Difference? Saladette vs. Pizza Prep Counter

While both saladettes and pizza prep counters are refrigerated, subtle differences cater to their specific uses:

Saladette Counters: Ideal for preparing salads, sandwiches, and appetizers, saladettes typically feature drawers or pans for storing chopped vegetables, condiments, and other small ingredients. They often come with additional features like cutting boards and condiment dispensers.

Pizza Prep Counters: Designed for pizza preparation, these counters boast a spacious work surface to accommodate dough rolling and topping assembly. Many models incorporate ingredient drawers and compartments for storing pizza dough balls, cheeses, and sauces.

Benefits of Using Refrigerated Prep Counters:

Enhanced Food Safety: Maintaining consistent cool temperatures slows bacterial growth, ensuring the safety of your ingredients.

Improved Organisation: Dedicated storage space for ingredients minimises prep time and streamlines workflows.

Maximised Efficiency: Spacious worktops and integrated features like cutting boards and condiment dispensers create a seamless food prep environment.

Optimum Hygiene: Stainless steel construction promotes easy cleaning.

Tefcold Refrigerated Prep Counters

Tefcold offers a comprehensive range of saladettes and pizza prep counters to suit your specific needs. Consider the following Tefcold series:

Tefcold PT Series: Providing a cost-effective solution, the PT Series offers reliable refrigeration with a range of worktop configurations.

Tefcold GSS Series: The GSS Series features high-performance refrigeration and spacious worktops, ideal for busy kitchens.

Tefcold SS7 Series: For the ultimate in food prep functionality, the SS7 Series boasts advanced features like gastronorm compatibility and ergonomic design.

Find the Perfect Prep Counter for Your Business

Tefcold refrigerated prep counters are a valuable investment for any foodservice business. Click the link to explore the complete range and find the ideal solution to keep your ingredients fresh and your kitchen running smoothly.

(Main images shows Tefcold PT1200 2 Door Stainless Steel Refrigerated Pizza/Saladette Prep Counter, 370L)


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