Pizza dough forms the base of pizza and if the base is perfect, that’s half of the job done well. Manually rolling out dough seems to be a very basic kitchen task but there are often problems – sticking to the countertop or the rolling pin, dough that is too thin, too thick, or uneven. Enter the dough sheeter.

A dough sheeter is a machine that flattens and stretches out piece of dough into flat, smooth, and consistent dough sheets equal in thickness across all points. It dramatically cuts down the amount of time in the production of dough, whilst still maintaining the quality. Dough sheeters are mostly for commercial kitchens i.e., used in pizzerias or in bakeries that offer pizzas bread, pastries & pasta on their menu. These machines specialise in making ultra-thin sheets of dough, usually a very time-consuming job to do by hand with a rolling pin.

The dough sheeter comprises of one or two rollers that rotate to compress the dough. Compressing the dough between rollers results in releases of gases and form gluten in the dough which helps in sticking the dough together. Eliminating the air bubbles from the risen dough will result in a thinner and more dense pizza crust. This type of crust is one of the most preferred and liked by all.

There are a few reasons why a pizza dough sheeter is good for your business:

Produces a more consistent sheet of dough, creates a pizza crust of the right thickness, shape, and size. Ensuring lump free, even edges to pies, breads, pizza bases and more.

Can turn separate batches of dough into a continuous sheet and can also laminate layers together.

Larger quantities of dough can be fed through a dough sheeter saving time whilst ensuring that the dough will all have the same texture.

Control over the raw materials – you set the recipe and define the quantities to be produced.

Speed – Dough sheeters are speedy and much faster than the manual process.

Can handle different types of dough – e.g. flatbreads and doughs like ciabatta that are stickier in texture.


If you are looking for a sheeter for your pizza kitchen, we stock market-leaders GGF motorised models Easy 500SM Dough Sheeter, 4kg capacity, and GP 500-1000 8kg capacity, both of which allow you to roll out dough with a width of up to 496mm.

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