Glass & Dishwashers / Laundry

Having clean and sparkling crockery, plus meeting your legal requirements, is crucial for any professional establishment so buying the right warewashing is essential. We have machines to cater for large schools down to the small cafe.  Please give us a call if you are unsure what you need on 01379 641223 and we will happily steer you in the right direction.

We sell all the top brands for Glass and Dishwashers, such as Sammic, DC, Hobart Ecomax, Blue Seal and Blizzard.

Here is a brief guide to things you need to consider before you make your purchase.

Water Softener: All warewashing machines require a softener if you are in a hard water area. By having an external or internal softener fitted to your machine you will greatly improve your washing results, reduce running costs and increase the life expectancy of your product.

Drain Pump: A drain pump is required when the waste services are higher than the drain outlet of the machine.

Break Tank:  Type A break tanks should be fitted to machines that are to be used as commercial dishwashers and connected to the mains water supply.

UK Water Board Regulations require commercial dishwashers to be fitted a Break Tank (Type ‘A’ Air Gap) wherever an installation is rated as being at category 5 level of risk or higher. Generally, businesses rated at category 5 or higher will include any high-risk areas such as Schools, Care Homes, Nurseries or Hospitals where contamination of the water supply would be detrimental to hygiene and health.

Boost Pump: If you have low water pressure consider purchasing an internal or external rinse booster pump.

Take a look at or Glasswasher / Dishwasher buying guide