Decarboniser Tanks/Soak Tanks

Commercial decarbonising tanks offer a revolution in cleaning efficiency and hygiene. These innovative systems utilise non-caustic solutions to effortlessly dissolve baked-on grease, fat, and carbon, eliminating the need for laborious scrubbing and harsh chemicals. These units are simple to use: Put in the detergent and start placing the pots, pans, grills etc. inside. Close the lid, and after leaving the unit for some time, the tools will be clean and ready to use.

Not only do decarbonising tanks offer remarkable cleaning power, but they also deliver substantial benefits for your operation. Reduced water consumption, minimised staff labour, and extended equipment lifespan translate to cost savings and a more sustainable kitchen environment.

We proudly stock models from the market leader Frucosol who have been successfully exporting products to over 70 countries throughout the world since 1991.

A commercial soak tank is a large tank, typically made of stainless steel, designed for efficiently cleaning heavily soiled equipment. It uses a combination of hot water and a cleaning solution to loosen and remove stubborn grime like grease, burnt-on food particles, and carbon buildup. By pre-soaking equipment, soak tanks significantly reduce manual cleaning time, freeing staff for other tasks, and ensuring a deeper clean than handwashing, leading to better overall kitchen hygiene.

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