A reliable commercial freezer is essential for the modern kitchen. We stock a wide variety of catering freezers to best suit your requirements.

Freezer Preparation Counters: These are designed to provide undercounter storage for your frozen goods together with a useful work top for food prep. Constructed of high-quality stainless steel these units are hygienic, hardwearing and optimise the space available in your kitchen.

These come with differing number of drawer configurations, adjustable shelves, GN compatibility, and castors. Some models have an upstand – used to create a seal between the worktop and the wall to help keep any liquid or crumbs falling behind the cabinets. Visually, it helps to blend the worktop and wall together to improve the finish.

Glass Door Freezers: These display freezers are designed to store frozen food safely and economically whilst acting as an extra-display point for your kitchen, maximising sales of frozen foods. These also give the kitchen a modern and stylish appearance. Another benefit is that you can see exactly what is in your freezer without opening it – helping your freezer maintain its temperature level by not opening the door and letting the cool air escape. These are usually offered in one, two or three door widths.

Undercounter Freezers: Typically used in kitchens where space is at a premium. These provide quick and easy access to ingredients. Glass or solid door options available.

Upright Freezers: Enables large quantities of frozen food to be stored safely and economically. These come with large capacities, are typically GN compatible and have adjustable shelves for quick convenient access. Designed to take advantage of the height in the kitchen which is often unused space. Available in single and double door models, glass fronted and solid door options.