Walk In Coldroom (Chiller)

Commercial walk-in cold rooms, sometimes referred to as Chiller rooms, are essentially large refrigerators designed for businesses that need ample chilled storage space. These rooms, also known as walk-in coolers, are ideal for restaurants, hotels, and other establishments that deal with high volumes of perishables. They allow for efficient organisation and stock rotation, keeping ingredients fresh and readily accessible.

A large-capacity chiller room is often more energy efficient and cheaper to run than several smaller individual units and is also speeds up getting chilled food deliveries into storage quickly.

While most commercial cold rooms offer optional shelving for maximised organisation, these shelves are typically sold separately to allow for your specific storage needs.

Remember, due to their large size, careful pre-installation planning is crucial. Ensure your chosen location has proper access for the cold room unit itself (consider doorway width and potential steps) and that the designated area can comfortably accommodate the entire room. Don’t forget to verify your electrical supply is compatible with the cold room’s power requirements.

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