Water Boilers

Water boilers offer boiling water at the touch of a button or lever. Switched on at the start of a busy day, and turned off every evening, the water boiler is fast becoming a necessity in the workplace for the following reasons:

  • Capacity – the water boiler is capable of heating larger quantities of water in a far more efficient way and, depending on the size of the unit in terms of litres of water, will certainly fill more than the six mugs that one kettle full will manage.
  • Ease of use – it really couldn’t be simpler. Place a tea bag or a spoonful of coffee in any size mug or cup, put an empty mug under the tap, depress button or lever and fill the mug with desired quantity of hot water. The next person does the same, and the next and so on.
  • Time-friendly – there is no waiting for freshly boiled hot water from the kettle.
  • Space-efficient – Compact in design, modern day water boilers benefit from smaller, but more efficient elements and components, hence they take up far less room than a row of boiling kettles.
  • Cost-effective – instead of replacing the kettle so many times a year after wearing the element out, why not invest in an efficient water boiler instead? It will cost far less to boil water and keep it heated than it would boiling a full kettle so many times in a day.

We stock a range of water boilers to suit your needs, with varying capacities, inbuilt filtration systems, single tap, wall mounted, automatic fill, and push button models.

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