Microwaves are an integral piece of equipment to ensure efficiency and smooth running in your professional kitchen.

Commercial microwave ovens are versatile pieces of equipment and are invaluable for any size of catering business.  Not just great for rapid heating or re-heating of food, today’s commercial microwave is a very versatile piece of cooking equipment.

Faster defrosting – Speed your processes by using the microwaves defrost function.

Reheating – Quick and safe reheating of food means your customers get their meals faster

High Power – commercial microwaves deliver higher power than their domestic counterparts

Pre-programmed settings – many of our microwaves come with up to 100 programmable settings making your kitchen process easier and more straightforward.

Our microwaves offer high quality and add incredible versatility to everyday catering.

We have a great range of microwaves. We supply and deliver microwaves with free delivery on many items.

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