Salad Bar/ Buffet / Carvery Display (Hot & Cold)

Buffet restaurants are popular for obvious reasons, diners want variety, speed, and low prices, which is precisely why they love a good buffet. Not limited to weekday meals, the buffet/carvery remains a much in demand choice for Sunday lunch.

Holding food at the proper temperature is key to retaining food quality and ensuring food safety. Temperature-controlled serving wells keep food out of the “danger zone,” (when bacteria thrive). Hot wells give operators the flexibility to safely serve warm.

The cold buffet display unit typically uses a compressor and a condenser with refrigerant. More and more manufacturers are using eco-friendly refrigerants that are more energy-efficient, which could reduce your electricity bill.

Salad Bars are a haven for health-conscious diners, brimming with fresh, crisp ingredients. From leafy greens and colourful vegetables to an array of dressings and toppings, they cater to those seeking lighter options.

Mixed Buffet Bars: Offering the best of both worlds, mixed buffet bars combine hot and cold sections within a single unit. This allows for a wider variety of menu options, catering to diverse palates at a single setting.

We stock an array of options for use in establishments with a buffet/carvery offer. Model types include both wet and dry Bains Marie, varying GN well capacities etc:

  • Countertop Gastro Bains Marie (w/wo Sneeze Guards, Halogen Heat Lamps)
  • Freestanding Gastro Bains Marie (w/wo Ambient Base or Heated Storage, Glass Structures, Heat Lamps, Sneeze Guards).

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