Vegetable Prep Machines

These heavy-duty tabletop units are designed to slice, dice, grate, shred, julienne and otherwise cut up large volumes of product quickly, easily, and consistently.

Instead of adding ingredients into a bowl, a veg prep machine has a hopper on top where you feed the product into the cutting blade, the cut product ejects from a chute into your choice of container.

Veg prep machines differ from food processors as they slow the speed of the cutting disc so that the blade or cutting surface more closely approximates the action of a knife or grater. The benefits are a cleaner more consistent cut and less bruising of fresh produce.

A combination veg cutter/food processor combines the versatility of a food processor with the speed of a vegetable cutter.

In addition, we stock veg prep machines to suit a range of purposes including potato chippers and potato & veg peelers.

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