Mobile Catering

A mobile catering business is one that involves you selling food not from a stationed restaurant or eatery but usually in a truck, cart, or even possibly a kiosk. Equipping your truck or cart with all the necessary things will allow you to serve your customers effectively and efficiently. There are ways to save, like shopping for used, reconditioned, or discounted cooking equipment instead of brand new. Optimize the layout of your food truck kitchen by selecting a combination of countertop units and full-size models. Devote more space to your most-used equipment and stick with countertop alternatives for equipment you will use less often or for smaller quantities of food.

COOKING EQUIPMENT you may need: Griddle or Flat Top Grill are ideal for cooking popular items like pancakes, burgers, eggs, and vegetables. Boiling Tops allow you to pan fry, saute, boil, and simmer. Charbroilers help you to achieve grill marks and the signature “grilled” flavour on chicken, steaks, and vegetables. Microwave reheat side dishes or even steam vegetables. Toaster for sandwiches or breakfast items like waffles, English muffins, and bagels. Salamander helps you to brown the tops of foods like open-face sandwiches. Fryers are an essential item for many food trucks, allowing you to cook popular menu items like French fries, chicken nuggets, and onion rings.

WARMING AND HOLDING EQUIPMENT is imperative for keeping your food at safe temperatures.  Food truck warmers help you avoid foodborne illness, while holding equipment keeps your menu items at appetizing temperatures for your customers. Countertop Food Warmer is a versatile piece of kit to keep foods at safe temperatures. Fry Dump or Scuttles keeps fries warm once out of the fryer. Soup kettle ensures your soups remain hot until ready to serve.

FOOD PREP EQUIPMENT covers anything you use to get food ready for cooking or serving, so what you need will vary depending on what you have on your menu:  Stainless Steel Worktable you may want a stainless steel work table for prep space. Frying Pans, Saucepans etc Use these to pan fry, saute, or even steam your menu items. Blender or Food Processor to make smoothies, salsa, sauces, and soups with the help of a blender or food processor.

REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT is imperative for keeping ingredients fresh. You may want to have one refrigerator for your main food items, a separate one for beverages, or a smaller refrigerator for things like sauces and toppings. Fortunately, refrigeration equipment comes in a variety of types, so you can customize the unit(s) you choose to your specific need: Worktop or Undercounter Refrigerator doubles as a work surface, which is optimal for your compact space. Sandwich or Salad Preparation Refrigerator usually has a bottom chilled cabinet, a top with space for pans of toppings, and a strip of prep space for assembly. Pizza Preparation Refrigerator is similar to sandwich preparation models, but they offer a larger workspace for you to easily assemble your pizzas. Countertop Glass Door Refrigerator is an excellent solution for merchandising canned or bottled beverages in your food truck. Undercounter Freezer is the perfect food truck freezer, allowing you to store frozen items such as ice cream without taking up too much space.

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