Kitchen Extraction

Ventilation Systems

SmartVent Canopy by Lincat

These units are perfectly suited for use with both gas and electric cooking equipment in a wide variety of cooking environments, such as fast food outlets, cafes, smaller pubs and restaurants.

The SmartVent range from Lincat with their modular design, availability in a range of sizes and robust construction means that they’re flexible, efficient and easy to install.

Fume Filtration Units

Lincat also offer fume filtration units (Lincat L3 and L4) which are ideal for use with electric appliances with a power rating up to 14kW, making them perfect for a wide range of food businesses. Their powerful fans pull fumes and other air contaminants through a three-part filtration system, providing a safer and more comfortable kitchen to work in. These units are an ideal companion to Lynx 400 and Silverlink 600 electric appliances, and provide a great solution for smaller kitchens that do not use gas appliances.

Lincat Recirculation Units

For use with low to medium-duty electric appliances, our free-standing Refresh recirculation units are constructed from durable stainless steel and can be installed quickly and easily, with minimum disruption. Air is drawn from the canopy, before passing through filtration stages, with filtered air then returning to the kitchen via the canopy.

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