Merrychef ConneX 12 Accelerated High Speed Oven Silver – Standard Power

£5,340.00 ( £6,408.00 inc. VAT)

The most compact high speed oven, with the fastest speeds. No need for a ventilation hood, and a standard power unit will work off a 13/16 Amp plug.

Fast Cooking 12″pizza in 90 seconds & a toastie in 60 seconds

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Merrychef ConneX 12 Accelerated High Speed Oven Silver – Standard Power

The most compact high speed oven, with the fastest speeds.

The very latest in high speed ovens, Merrychef conneX® 12 delivers consistent, high quality food, up to 80% faster than conventional cooking methods.

Its compact, and stylish design, with cool-to-touch sides, allows it to fit anywhere. The 12” x 12” cavity sits in a 14” width oven on a standard 600mm worktop. It’s easy to install, with ventless technology, no need for a ventilation hood, and a standard power unit will work off a 13/16 Amp plug.

The new high definition 7” operating screen, sits in a robust glass surround, and showcases the new easyTouch® 2.0 software. The conneX range delivers the most intuitive operating controller, it works just like a mobile phone, and along with over 100 pre-programmed recipes, operators are very quickly able to deliver consistent, delicious results with every order.

Born connected, the conneX® range comes with Wi-fi and ethernet connectivity as standard, and offers free subscription for the first 12 months after purchase, to the industry leading Welbilt KitchenConnect® platform enabling the ovens to be monitored and menus to be updated remotely.

Like all Merrychef high speed ovens the new Merrychef conneX® 12 is easy to install, ventless, operates quietly, has cool-to-touch exterior, quick pre-heat and cool down times, low energy usage in standby, providing unbeatable value for money.


  • Most versatile, high speed oven on the market
  • An all-in-one unit ideally suited to rapidly cook, toast, grill, and reheat fresh or frozen food, eliminating the need for other appliances
  • Cooking up to 20x faster than other cooking methods
  • Largest 30.5cm x 30.5cm (12” cavity with a 14” wide footprint) 
  • Fits on a 600mm worktop
  • Suitable for front-of-house, operating quietly and easy to install due to ventless cooking capabilities through a built-in catalytic converter, eliminates the need for an extraction fan
  • Cool to touch exterior makes it safe to locate anywhere with no need to allow space around the unit.
  • Easy to operate with a 7” HD widescreen display and new generation easyTouch®2.0, icon driven controller, ensuring consistent, high quality dishes.
  • Very easy to clean stainless steel cavity with large rounded corners.
  • Patented easy access front mounted air filter.
  • WiFi/ethernet connected with access to KitchenConnect cloud for easy menu update (or update via a USB memory stick).


conneX®12 Standard Power

Single Phase – 13 amps – 2990W,  Model – X12GXMV5AAL1CLUK

Single Phase – 16 amps – 3680W – hard wired, Model – X12FXMV5BDL1CLEU


Also available as a High Power Model

conneX®12 High Power

Three Phase – 16 amps – 2990W  – 2500 W + 3300 W Model, X12DBMV5BDL1CLEU

Three Phase – 32 amps – 2000W + 2200W combined, X12DBMV5GCL1CLEU

Single Phase – 32 amps – 2000W + 2200W combined, Model – X12DBMV5HEL1CLEU



  • Width: 356mm
  • Height: 629mm
  • Depth: 648mm
  • Cooking area 300mm x 300mm

Included accessories

• Flat cook plate.
• Guarded hand paddle with supporting side walls.
• Cooking tray, full size.
• Cool down pan.
• Cook plate liner.



Non-Stick Cooking Liner (Green) Part Number: 32Z4096

Non-stick cooking liner (Natural) Part Number: 32Z4088Full Size Cooking Tray (Black) Part Number: 32Z4165

Full size mesh cooking tray Part Number: 32Z4081

Full size cooking tray:

  • Black Part Number: 32Z4080
  • Blue Part Number: 32Z4101
  • Green Part Number: 32Z4093
  • Red Part Number:32Z4100

Half size Cooking Tray:

  • Black Part Number: 32Z4090
  • Green Part Number: 32Z4094

Half size deeper cooking tray

  • Red Part Number: 32Z4097
  • Blue Part Number: 32Z4099
  • Green Part Number: 32Z4098
Quarter size cooking tray 
  • Red Part Number: 32Z4123
  • Blue Part Number: 32Z4125
  • Green Part Number: 32Z4095
  • Black Part Number: 32Z4089


Paddle with hand guard and sides Part Number: SR318

Flat Cook Plate Part Number: DB0739

Griddled Cook Plate Part Number: DB0719

Moveable Oven Stacking Trolley Part Number: SR329


Electrical appliances MUST be installed by a qualified electrician. Incorrect compliance to current installation legislation will lead to invalidation of warranty.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions Depth 616 mm , Width 437 mm , Height 367 mm.



13 amp standard plug, Single Phase Electric


Single Phase – 13amp, Single Phase – 16 amps, Single Phase – 32amp, Three Phase – 16amp, Three Phase – 32amp


2 years parts and labour

Delivery Options

Free Standard Delivery, allow up to 4 working days (excludes Scottish Highlands and Islands). Next Day Delivery is available, charges will apply., Whilst we always try to ensure our stock levels are accurate we would always advise you check that the item is in stock if your order is urgent.


Standard (Free)

Oven Type

Fast Oven

No. of Shelves


Temperature Range

+100c ~ +275C


Accelerated High Speed Oven

Pizza Capacity

1 x 12"


Stainless Steel