Rational iVario 2-XS Electric Cooking Centre

£7865.00 (£9438.00 inc. VAT)

Intelligent technology that boils, fries and deep fries. 4 times as fast as conventional cooking appliances with up to 40% less electricity consumption. Two pans with endless possibilities.




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Rational iVario 2-XS Electric Cooking Centre

Rational iVario 2-XS Electric Cooking Centre is one of the most modern cooking systems for maximum productivity, flexibility and simplicity when boiling, frying, deep-frying and therefore replaces almost all conventional cooking appliances. Its unique heating technology offers maximum power and precision, and thanks to its intelligent cooking assistants, who thinks and supports you to achieve outstanding food quality every time, without any monitoring or checking.

Small, strong, ready to perform and saves space. The iVario replaces the tilting pan, boiling pan and deep fat fryer in a restaurant serving up to 100 meals.  Braised dishes, delicate sweets and side dishes are all done without supervision, without sticking, without boiling over. For different temperatures, for different food products, for different times. Effortless to install and thanks to the integrated water drain, you do not need a floor drain, this avoids slippery kitchen floors and increases work safety.


Capacity: Two pans to be operated independently of each other

  •  2 x 17 litres effective volume
  • 2 x 13 dm² cooking surface
  • Number of meals: up to 30

Manual mode

  • Boiling: 30 °C – boiling temperature
  • Pan frying: 30 °C – 250 °C
  • Deep-frying: 30 °C – 180 °C

Accessories package (included)

  • 2 x arms for automatic lifting and lowering type 2-XS, 2-S
  • 1 x boiling basket type 2-XS
  • 1 x frying basket type 2-XS
  • 1 x colander type 2-XS, 2-S
  • 1 x cleaning sponge
  • 3 Phase Electric
  • Please refer to spec sheet for detailed techjical specifications and power requirements.


Width: 1100mm

Depth 756mm

Height: (including stand/substructure) 482mm (1080mm)

Electrical appliances MUST be installed by a qualified electrician. Incorrect compliance to current installation legislation will lead to invalidation of warranty.



Additional information

Weight 110 kg
Dimensions Depth 756 mm , Width 1100 mm , Height 1080 mm.



3 Phase Electric


2 years parts and labour

Power Requirement

3 phase electric. This unit requires a 3 phase electrical supply to be installed be a qualified electrician.


iVario 2-XS

Meals per Day

up to 30


Free Standard Delivery (3-5 working days)


Stainless Steel


2 x 17 Litres