Sammic CK-48V Food Processor/ Veg Prep Combi Machine

£2214.00 (£2656.80 inc. VAT)

2 in 1: high capacity vegetable cutter (650 kg/h) + cutter with 8 litre bowl.

Variable speed motor block, large-capacity head and cutter bowl equipped with a rotor with micro-serrated blades. Brushless technology.


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Sammic CK-48V Food Processor/ Veg Prep Combi Machine

Sammic CK-48V Food Processor/ Veg Prep Combi Machine is part of the re-designed Ultra Range of Food Processors, Vegetable Preparation Machines and Cutter-Emulsifiers from Sammic. This model has a variable speed motor block, large-capacity head and 8 litre cutter hopper equipped with a rotor with micro-serrated blades.
It can be fitted with a wide range of discs and grids of the highest cutting quality. Combining these accessories together to obtain more than 70 different types of cuts and grating grades.

All of Sammic’s combi machines are manufactured from high quality stainless steel, made entirely of materials suitable for hygienic contact with food.

As a cutter, its head with the blade on one side distributes products inside the mouth and cuts and distributes whole products such as cabbage. Supplied with a central drill, optional use, with the same purpose. The head is equipped with a top ejector, which enables more product to be shifted and the indicated production levels achieved. As a food processor, it has a 8-litre hopper with mixer and micro-serrated blades.


  • Maximum efficiency: maintain the torque throughout the speed range.
  • Exclusive “force control system”: guarantee of a uniform and high quality result.
  • Lightweight and compact design: they weigh less, they occupy less space.
  • Improved air/water-tightness since no ventilation is required.
  • They generate less noise: improved workplace environment.
  • High precision settings and comprehensive cutter and disc design aimed at obtaining a perfect cut.
  • Possibility of programming by time and pulse button.
  • Reverse function, ideal for mixing products instead of cutting.
  • 8 litre stainless steel hopper.
  • Polycarbonate lid with built-in “cut&mix” mixer.
  • Depending on the purpose, the possibility of using optional smooth or perforated blades.
  • Made from stainless steel and food-grade materials of the highest quality
  • Stainless steel motor block and food-grade aluminium head.
  • Stainless steel hopper with highly-resistant polycarbonate lid.
  • Ergonomic design. Maximum comfort for the user.
  • Lateral product output: it requires less room on the work surface and directs the product avoiding splashing.
  • Advanced control panel that is very intuitive to use and offers all the information at a glance.
  • Plunger, lid and hopper easy to remove for changing or cleaning.
  • Combination of security systems: head, covers, hopper, power switch.

As vegetable preparation machine
Hourly production: 200 Kg – 650 Kg
Inlet opening: 286 cm2
Disc diameter: 205 mm
Speed as veg. slicer: 300 rpm – 1000 rpm
External dimensions (WxDxH): 391 mm x 400 mm x 652 mm
Net weight: 30.8 Kg

As cutter
Bowl capacity: 8 l
Speeds as cutter (positions): 300 rpm – 3000 rpm
External dimensions (WxDxH):286 mm x 387 mm x 517 mm
Net weight (Cutter): 18.9 Kg.
Noise level (1m.): <70 dB(A)
Background noise: 32 dB(A)






Additional information

Weight 30.8 kg
Dimensions Depth 400 mm , Width 391 mm , Height 652 mm.


Delivery Options

Allow up to 10 working days., Excluding Highlands and Islands, Free standard delivery


Stainless Steel




13 amp standard plug


2 Year Warranty


Stainless Steel

Bowl Capacity

8 Litres


300 – 1000rpm, 300 – 3000rpm

Output per Hour

200 – 650kg

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