UNOX Cheftop Mind.Maps Plus Countertop Combi Oven, 10 x GN 2/1

£12,423.00 ( £14,907.60 inc. VAT)

Countertop, electric combi oven. 10 trays GN 2/1. Hinged left (right hand door). 9.5″ Touch control panel.

The Combi oven of choice for those kitchens that need maximum performance. Ideal for restaurants and deli shops.


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UNOX Cheftop Mind.Maps Plus Countertop Combi Oven, 10 x GN 2/1

UNOX Cheftop Mind.Maps Plus Countertop Combi Oven, 10 x GN 2/1 is part of the Cheftop Mind.Maps Plus range from UNOX. These are technologically advanced combi ovens for gastronomy cooking processes (dehydrating, steaming, low temperature cooking, sous vide cooking, roasting, grilling, pan frying, regeneration and plate regeneration) and for fresh or frozen baking thanks to the Unox Intensive Cooking and Intelligence Performance technologies. Guaranteed perfect results and repeatability for any load size.

Available in three versions, to meet the specific need of each kitchen: Compact, COUNTERTOP & Big.  UNOX Intelligent Technologies maximise your output and guarantee perfect cooking with any foodload.

Note: All ovens have an optional model with a left to right door opening. Item code example: XEVC-1021-EPRM (R = Right Hand) XEVC-1021-EPLM (L = Left Hand). Please make your selection at checkout.

Available in the COUNTERTOP range:

Electric Model: XEVC-0311-EPRM/EPLM: 3 x GN 1/1

Gas Model :XEVC-0511-GPRM/GPLM: 5 x GN 1/1, Electric Model: XEVC-0511-EPRM/EPLM: 5 x GN 1/1,

Gas Model: XEVC-0711-GPRM/GPLM: 7 x GN 1/1, Electric Model: XEVC-0711-EPRM/EPLM: 7 x GN 1/1,

Gas Model: XEVC-1011-GPRM/GPLM: 10 x GN 1/1, Electric Model: XEVC-1011-EPRM/EPLM: 10 x GN 1/1,

Gas Model: XEVC-0621-GPRM/GPLM: 6 x GN 2/1, Electric Model: XEVC-0621- EPRM/EPLM: 6 x GN 2/1

Gas Model: XEVC-1021-GPRM/GPLM: 10 x GN 2/1, Electric Model: XEVC-1021-EPRM/EPLM: 10 x GN 2/1


  • Manual cooking
  • Temperature: 30 °C – 260 °C
  • Capacity: 10 x 2/1 GN (not supplied)
  • Up to 9 cooking steps
  • CLIMA.Control: humidity or dry air set by 10%
  • Delta T cooking with core probe
  • MULTI.Point core probe
  • SOUS-VIDE core probe

● 1000+ Programs
● CHEFUNOX: choose something to cook from the library and the oven will
automatically set all the parameters
● MULTI.TIME: manages up to 10 cooking processes at the same time
● MISE.EN.PLACE: synchronises the insertion of pans so that all the dishes are
ready at the same time
● MIND.Maps™: draw the cooking processes directly on the display
● READY.COOK: ready to use settings for a quick start

Please read the attached spec sheet for Power and gas supply, Water connections & Installation requirements.

WARRANTY: 12 months parts and labour as standard (Machine only)

ADDITIONAL WARRANTY OPTIONS AVAILABLE:  – 2 Years Parts & 2 Years Labour. To qualify: oven must be commissioned by Unox Authorised Service Partner and connected to the internet. There is also the option to have this model installed and commissioned by Unox Authorised Service Partner – Charges apply.


  • Width: 860mm
  • Height: 1163mm
  • Depth: 1145mm

ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE: Please call us to discuss your requirements or to arrange a site survey.

  • XEVHC-CF21 : Hood with Activated Carbon Filter
  • XEVHC-HC21 : Hood with Steam Condenser
  • XWVEC-0821 : Neutral Cabinet
  • XWVRC-0021-H : High Stand
  • XWVRC-0021-L : Low Stand
  • XWVRC-0021-F : Floor Positioning Stand (Mandatory of oven positioning on the floor)
  • XWVBC-1021 : Basket
  • XWVYC-0021 : Trolley for GN 2/1 Baskets
  • Single Oven Installation Kit, includes water, drain fittings & U‐trap
  • Water filtration kit *
  • DB1015A0:  UNOX Combined Detergent & Rinse, (10) 1 litre sealed bottles

Purpose-designed pans: One shelf of the GN 2/1 ovens can contain up to 2 GN 1/1 trays.

  • TG870 – Fakiro.Grill – Ideal for meat, fish, grilled vegetables etc
  • TG885 – Grilling pan – Does not need to be pre-heated to achieve squared marks on food.
  • GRP815 – Stainless steel steaming pan. Perforated bottom and sides to improve steam circulation

INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS: Installations must comply with all local electrical systems, particularly as for minimum wire gauge required for field connection, hydraulic and ventilation supply. Exhaust and fume analysis must be performed in case of gas ovens. Incorrect compliance to current installation legislation will lead to invalidation of warranty. Must be installed by a qualified electrician.

*(NOTE: Using a water supply NOT meeting Unox’s minimum water quality standards will VOID any warranty. )



Additional information

Weight 180 kg
Dimensions Depth 1145 mm , Width 860 mm , Height 1163 mm.



3 Phase Electric



Oven Type

Combi Oven


Stainless Steel


Free Delivery (UK Mainland only). Please allow 8 weeks lead time.


1 year parts and labour

Gastro Capacity

10 x GN 2/1