The takeaway sector makes a vital contribution to the UK economy, accounting for over a 12% slice of the food service industry, including restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars etc. Despite rising costs and reduced consumer spending, the takeaway revenue is expected to rise in 2023, fueling confidence about the long-term outlook for hospitality.

Food packaging is a crucial part of the takeaway supply chain. Unsafe packaging can cause spoilage of the food inside, pose a detrimental effect on the health of the consumer, and is a loss for the producers who have spent money and energy on producing a quality food product.

One of the ways to increase takeaway revenue and provide consumers with a safer & more palatable product is to use a heat-sealing machine.

Heat sealing technology enables the high speed, rapid sealing of sandwiches and food to go. Incorporating the latest environmental packaging whilst delivering on improved presentation. Incredibly useful for extending the shelf life of your food products, enhancing value, preserving freshness, and preventing costly leakage.

A heat-sealing machine works by sealing the packaging using a heat sensitive, stable adhesive, which will not contaminate the product. By applying heat & pressure on the adhesive area, this results in an airtight seal pack, without tainting the food inside. The sealing process takes seconds, so these easy-to-use units mean that food producers can seal products every day if required, either for sale or for presentation purposes.

Easy to use – simply pop in the tray and the machine does the rest.

Check out our reconditioned tabletop Compac C3 Heat Sealer – Equipped with a control panel with digital programming of temperature & sealing time, this unit allows the user to manage all types of packaging materials and containers for a completely hermetic seal. The C3 can accommodate 4 different tray sizes, making it ideal for fresh, frozen, ready to cook, gourmet food and for takeaway service & home delivery.

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