The dishwashing game-changer for any large commercial catering businesses that need a more durable and efficient dishwashing system to handle the high volume of dishes they generate is a passthrough dishwasher. A great option for establishments needing to clean a large number of dishes at once and who are looking for efficiency in terms of water and energy consumption.

What is a passthrough?

A passthrough or hood dishwasher is a commercial dishwasher with a lift-up top cover and an increased loading height to accommodate larger items such as trays, pots and utensils. It is designed to wash dishes efficiently and in high volume. In fact, most commercial kitchens set up their passthrough dishwashers to start automatically as soon as the hood is closed with a new load of dirty dishes inside. This saves time on dishwashing and allows for large amounts of dishes to be cleaned at once. Passthrough dishwashers are perfect for use in restaurants, hospitals, schools, resorts, and other commercial establishments where spotless kitchen utensils are essential.

Before you buy a passthrough:

Make sure you measure the installation space carefully. Consider the size of the dishwasher itself, as well as the space needed for loading tables, sinks, and draining racks. Also, check the height of the space and for any obstructions. You also must consider power requirements when buying commercial kitchen equipment. Most passthrough dishwashers require three-phase power, but entry-level models may only require single-phase power. Keep in mind that more power allows the dishwasher to heat its rinse water faster and clean dishes more effectively. Therefore, the trade-off for lower power consumption is a longer dishwashing time. The best way to make sure your commercial pass-through dishwasher is compatible with your existing electrical system is to consult with an electrician.

Passthroughs versus undercounter dishwashers:

Passthroughs clean dishes much faster than other types of dishwashers, thanks to their continuous operation and auto start hoods. Front-loading dishwashers require 30 seconds for loading and unloading, but passthrough dishwashers take even less time. This can save a significant amount of time over time, especially for businesses that wash a large volume of dishes.

Hooded passthrough dishwashers with variable wash cycles are ideal for cleaning different types of items, as some items may only need a quick wash, while others may need a longer wash to remove built-up grease.  Generally, these types of dishwashers use more power and water than front-loaded dishwashers, but they are more efficient and cost-effective per plate.

A passthrough is the core of your dishwashing system, but don’t forget the add-ons for a truly efficient setup. You’ll likely need tables to stack dishes before washing, a pre-wash sink to remove debris, and an area to cool and dry the dishes afterward. Consider staffing and space needs when planning your system.

Commercial dishwashers typically last around 10 years, but their lifespan depends on how well they are maintained. If you find yourself frequently calling for service or if dishes are not coming out clean, it may be a sign that your machine is nearing the end of its life. Regularly cleaning the filter and the unit itself will help extend the lifespan of your passthrough dishwasher.

Our recommendations:

DC SD900 – designed to meet the needs of commercial kitchens of all sizes, from small cafes to large restaurants. Ideal for businesses that need a reliable and efficient dishwasher at a competitive price. This model is a popular choice for many businesses, as it offers excellent value for money. This entry level passthrough dishwasher comes complete with 2 & 3 cycle selector and auto-start hood. It incorporates a uniquely low-volume wash tank to reduce water, electrical and chemical costs.

DC PD1300 is the flagship of the Premium Range, specifically designed for outstanding performance whilst minimising environmental impact and running costs. It comes complete with selectable 1, 2, 3 & 8* (*SHR version only) minute cycle timer and auto-start hood.  By incorporating a low-volume wash tank, double-skinned hood and insulated boiler, water, electrical and chemical usage, and costs are kept to an absolute minimum whilst still ensuring the highest level of cleaning power and hygiene.

There are optional add-ons for both Standard and Premium Ranges that include Chemical dosing pumps, drain pumps, integral water softeners and break-tanks. Both range of passthrough dishwashers can be arranged in either a straight-through or corner configuration. This gives you flexibility to choose the best layout for your kitchen.

In Conclusion

DC Products passthrough dishwashers are ideal for commercial kitchens of all sizes. The Standard range offers excellent value for money, while the Premium range offers the highest quality and performance. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient passthrough dishwasher, DC is the brand to choose. We can make the complex task of choosing a passthrough dishwasher that fits your specific needs easier for you. So, call us on 01379 641223 for some expert advice from our team, with no pressure to buy.

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