Vestfrost introduces the DFG range. Vestfrost, a name synonymous with reliable and innovative refrigeration solutions, has unveiled their brand-new DFG range of commercial chest freezers. Designed to cater to the demanding needs of businesses of all sizes, these freezers offer exceptional capacity, robust performance, and user-friendly features, making them ideal for restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, caterers, and more.

Features of the Range:

Sliding glass lid: Enables quick and easy access to contents, saving time and energy.

Adjustable thermostat: Precise temperature control ensures optimal food preservation.

Durable lockable lid: Protects your frozen goods and adds an extra layer of security.

Castors for easy positioning: Effortlessly move and place the freezer where needed.

Energy-efficient design: Minimises operating costs and environmental impact.

The DFG Models:

DFG275 : a compact powerhouse with a 275-litre capacity, perfect for smaller businesses or for storing overflow from larger freezers.

DFG405: with its 368 litre capacity this model accommodates large volumes of frozen food, ideal for high-demand businesses. This unit has all the features of the DFG275 plus three baskets (included) to organise and categorise your items for efficient storage and retrieval, and an interior light that illuminates the contents for better visibility, even in low-light conditions.

DFG505 : the ultimate storage solution with its capacious 492 litre capacity. The largest model in the range, perfect for bulk food storage and demanding applications.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your commercial frozen storage with peace of mind, talk to us about the Vestfrost DFG range. Experience the power of reliable performance, exceptional capacity, user-friendly features, and a robust 3-year parts and labour warranty that minimises downtime and maintenance costs.



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