Oil filtration offers a proven way for operators to save money and improve the quality of their fried food products.

Buying an oil filtration system for your restaurant, chip shop or takeaway can help you keep standards high and your food tasting great by removing carbon and food particles from your frying. Additionally, it can help reduce your oil consumption by up to 50%.

When you don’t filter your oil, food particles, crumbs and other debris can accumulate in the oil, resulting in off-flavours, sediments, burned bits & debris. This can shorten the lifespan of your frying oil, meaning you’ll need to replace it more often. It may also cause the fryer to have to work harder to maintain the proper temperature, that can lead to increased energy costs & expensive repairs. It can also become contaminated with harmful bacteria, which can pose a safety risk to your customers.

There have been many changes to oil filtration systems. Customers now have options from fryers with built-in filtration such as Lincat OG8106/OP to portable filtration kits such as the Blue Seal EF40 Filtamax 32 Litre, or the Vito electric range that can filter oil when hot (up to 180C), so no need to wait for the fryer to cool.

If you are considering an oil filtration system, make sure you get the right one – oil filters come in different sizes & capacities. Call us if you are unsure to check that you get the one that is recommended for your fryer.

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