We have a huge range of fryers to suit your needs. Whether you’re frying battered fish, doughnuts chicken or chips, a Commercial Deep Fat Fryer is ideal to produce deliciously crispy and succulent foods.

Your first decision is whether you need a countertop or freestanding fryer. Countertop Fryers offer versatility as they are easy to move, great if you’re catering on the go.

Single basket countertop fryers are perfect if space is at a premium, and our twin fryers are very useful if you have a little more room and need different temperatures, or if you need to keep food separate for food allergy or dietary choice reasons.   They are also great for keeping up with orders, even when you’re at your most busy.

Freestanding Fryers make a great addition to a busy kitchen.  Our freestanding fryers have been carefully selected to offer the best quality and reliability at the best prices. Many come with built-in filtration systems making them ideal for high everyday use.